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Charles Greacen

I decided to become an artist when I discovered artists don’t have to wear sox.  Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Denison University, I took a job in the Advertising Creative Services department at The Tampa Tribune.  That position served me well, as a sort of boot camp for commercial artists.  After three years, I jumped at a chance to work with radio, television, print media and even hot air balloons, as advertising manager for Brewmasters, a Tampa-based chain of steakhouses.  Ultimately, the art siren song grew louder and in 1984 I went into business as Charles Greacen Illustration and Graphics.  The foundation blocks of my portfolio are cartoons, maps, logos and architectural renderings.  When a friend asked if I ever intended to retire, I quipped, “Yes, when I can no longer hold a pencil or pen.”